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North vs South ALL STARS More Than Just an Exhibition Game
25th August 2015, Tuesday

In addition to the National Championship this Saturday, there will also be a North vs. South ALL STAR Game, that will see the best players in each conference face each other for selection onto the USA National Team.

The National Team for Rugby League in the USA, the HAWKS, have started their selection process for upcoming games against Canada in September and October, and then the Rugby League World Cup Qualifiers, that will be staged in Florida during December of this year.

"Not only will fans get to see the two best teams in the country play for the National Championship," said Peter Illfield USARL Chairman. "But they will see the best players from across all teams in the USA play for a spot on TEAM USA.

Some of these players will go on to play for the USA HAWKS at international level, and this provides an opportunity for fans to get to know them and follow their progress as they help the USA qualify for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup during the Americas Qualifying Stage that will be played this December, right here in Florida."

USARL North Conference vs South Conference
Curtain Raiser to Championship Final
UNF, Jacksonville
August 29, 2015

North Conference Team
  1. Ryan Burroughs – Eagles
  2. Roman Lowery – Fight
  3. Andrew Stockhecker – Rebellion
  4. Michael Timpano – Fight
  5. Richard Henson – Fight
  6. Matthew Walsh – Wildcats
  7. Andrew Kneisly – Fight
  8. Charles Cortalano – Knights
  9. Casey Clark – Fight
  10. Tone Rodriguez – Kings
  11. Joseph Reichert – Eagles
  12. Jared Frymoyer – Fight
  13. Shaniyat H Chowdhury – Kings
  14. Abraham Cohen – Knights
  15. Tristan Sylk – Fight
  16. John Vella – Sharks
  17. Tyree Reeves – Slayers
  18. Mike Schacter – Wildcats
South Conference Team
  1. David Aguilar – Axemen
  2. Tyler McClain – Axemen
  3. Jon Purnell – Axemen
  4. Michael Scott – Axemen
  5. Ian Ferguson – Black Foxes
  6. Austin Brautigam – Mayhem
  7. Josh Heath – Mayhem
  8. Patrick Reive – Mayhem
  9. Bryant Alexander – Eagles
  10. Taylor Alley – Warriors
  11. Kenny Britt – Warriors
  12. Roderigus Ceasar – Warriors
  13. Josh Jackson – Warriors
  14. Bart Longchamp – Warriors
  15. Richard Mizell – Warriors
  16. Christian Rossi – Warriors
  17. Gareth Walker – Warriors
  18. Gareth Walker – Warriors