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2016 NOVA Eagles End of Season Summary
25th August 2016, Thursday

The 2016 NOVA Eagles Rugby League Club’s season was a successful one.

The team overcame great adversities throughout the season; battling player injuries, player’s unavailability, as well the lack of imports and the effects of distance when travelling. The NOVA Eagles unfortunately missed out on making the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Finals, unlike their 2015 season, but have shown great potential of good things to come for the Eagles Team in 2017.

With an absence of some players from 2015, we were able to recruit new players and quickly bring them in to the Eagle’s family. The Eagles in 2016 only had one import player, compared to other USARL teams, who had the advantage of having 3+ import players and numerous exempt players available to them. With that said, the Eagles showed a clearer understanding of the Rugby League defense & attack in their development. The Eagles showed real toughness and their improved ability in many achievements this season; for example: the Eagles were the first team this season to beat the defending champions Boston 13s, 42-24.

The team reached a milestone for the club in a differential score line between the Philadelphia Fight in their second 2016 match, going down 16-10 in what was the lowest score line Philadelphia Fight experienced this season, the achievement was remarkable with the first game losing 68-0 (a score line which was similar to previous years). This was a definite highlight for the team this season.

The Eagles unfortunately to lost in the 2v3 Mid-Atlantic semi-final game to Delaware 24-22, ending the team’s 2016 season.

NOVA Eagles players and staff are looking forward to the 2017 season and making the NOVA Eagles team a stronger, better skilled and bigger competitive force in the USARL competition.

As Coach of the NOVA Eagles, I want to send my regards to all that were involved in the 2016 season and deeper regards to the players that turned up to training practice and playing, sacrificing their bodies and time, making this season 2016 successful.

To the coaching Staff and NOVA fans, thank you for your support and enthusiasm throughout this season from the sidelines and a far.

A special thanks to all the sponsors - Philadelphia Tavern, Tin Cannon Brewing Company, and CrossFit Prominent; who gave their time and financial support to the NOVA Eagles team this season.

Go the NOVA Eagles!!!

Head Coach
Travis McGuigan