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Expression of Interest – Invitation for 2015 Multi-tiered Competition
30th Sept 2014, Tuesday

In 2015, Rugby League in the USA will operate under a new governing body designed to expand and grow the game while meeting membership requirements set forth by the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) and the US Olympic Committee (USOC) for national governing body status in the USA.

On September 20/21 2014, the USA Rugby League LLC (USARL LLC), unanimously voted in a new structure to be the governing body for Rugby League Football in the USA, the United States Association of Rugby League Incorporated (USARL Inc.), responsible for policy, strategy and distribution of finances to its members, including the USARL LLC. The USARL LLC will remain responsible for the administration and operation of Rugby League competitions and activities in the USA via a democratic, transparent, accountable and equitable process for its members and participants. The structure is designed to provide a sound and sustainable organization to support and stimulate national interest and participation, motivating victorious achievements of a world-class standard for representation at international level while aiming to fulfill the RLIF criteria for Full Membership and Rugby League World Cup events.

Summary notes from that meeting include:

To achieve the goals set forth under the new structure, the USA Rugby League requires all clubs and entities to be committed and agree to the administration and development of Rugby League to satisfy RLIF Full Membership criteria by December 2016 and entry to Rugby League World Cup 2017.

Attached is an Expression Of Interest (EOI), application requirements document, for clubs wishing to participate in the 2015 multi-tiered competition. Deadline for submission is October 31, 2014.