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USARL Become Members of the Rugby League European Federation (RLEF)
6th Nov 2014, Thursday

As a first for rugby league in America, the RLIF announced last month Affiliate Membership for the USARL. In the wake of that announcement, the USARL are also excited about their admission as members of the Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) and look forward to a successful working relationship with Maurice Watkins, Chairman, and Danny Kazandjian, General Manager, their administration and member nations.

"This is the beginning of a new era for rugby league in the USA. As the now recognized governing body for the sport in America, this membership will reinforce our structure for robust competition and development of the game across all regions of the country while adding a new dimension to the international scene", said Peter Illfield, USARL Chairman.

Illfield went on to say, "I thank the USARL Board of Directors and their clubs who have worked constantly and diligently over the past four years in their administration and development of rugby league, increasing participation and activities across adult, youth and international levels to support our successful bid for membership".

Both the RLIF and RLEF have provided assistance to rugby league in the USA for many years, demonstrated by their support in sanctioning both national and international activities culminating in what is now a solid platform for progress.

Further work is now required by the USARL to satisfy RLIF Full Membership by December 2016, and be eligible for RLWC2017.